inscenation: Vlado G. Repnik . robotization: Stefan Doepner, camera: Robert Klančnik, internet: Igor Štromajer, intervention: Lana K. Gotvan

GVR babaLAN & Kapelica Gallery
Ljubljana, September 2006

To return once more to the function of the veil in Islam. What if the actual scandal that was supposed to be hidden by this veil, was not the female body it hides but the non-existence of the female? What if the actual function of the veil consists precisely in maintaining the illusion that there is something behind the veil, namely the substantial thing? Woman fascinates because she stands for the "indistinguishableness" of truth, for a series of veils, behind which no final, hidden core is to be found. By giving her a veil, we create the illusion that the feminine truth lies behind the veil, along with, naturally, the horrifying truth of lies and deception. This is the hidden scandal of Islam: Only a woman, the embodiment of the indestinguishableness of truth and lies, can be the guarantor of truth. For this reason she must remain veiled.

Slavoj Žižek, Die Frau und der Orient, Lettre International 74, September 2006
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